How to create chairs with pallets

How to create chairs with pallets

You will often have to go to a shopping center and see some pallets. Pallets are nothing more than load platforms , used to transport large volume goods. They are built with simple planks of a very economical wood. Often after their use they are thrown away to replace them with other more robust pallets . It is easy to find them next to the waste collection. Yet in recent times they have acquired new value. In fact, the do-it-yourself world is able to exploit the characteristics of the pallets. Such as? To create furnishing accessories of all kinds. Coffee tables , deckchairs, sofas … And of course, chairs! Today we will discover just how to create chairs with pallets.


  • Two wooden pallets.
  • A crowbar.
  • A hammer.
  • One meter.
  • A saw.
  • Steel tacks for wood (or screws).
  • Electric screwdriver.
  • Sandpaper or grinder.

The difficulty in creating chairs with pallets is not too high, especially if you have manual skills. In two hours or so you can create these little jewels of design and inventiveness. Remove the pallet, also using a steel lever. Be careful to remove all the nails from each slat obtained. Sand all rough edges with sandpaper (or sander, if you have one). Prepare six 60 cm staves for the session. For the back of the chairs in pallets cut four slats of 56 cm. Two 70 cm staves will be used for the legs. Cut also two 48 cm pieces, two 30 cm pieces with an angle of 16 ° and two cubes of 10 cm each side.

Start from the legs. Fasten the two 30 cm pieces with an inclination of 16 ° at the ends of the legs. The inclined part will rest on the ground. Use the cubes and an additional 56-60 cm splint to build a good frame. Secure all the parts of the frame with wood nails or a drill. After this phase you can start to fix the slats for the session. Place five in a row, without too much distance. Fix the staves to the underlying frame with the nails. For the moment, keep the seat aside and start assembling the pieces of pallets for the backrest. Starting from the two 48 cm pieces, they will be used for the sides to be fixed to the frame.

Connect the two 48 cm pieces with one of the 56 cm temples. Fix two more below the first, plus one on the back to secure everything. Nail well and resume the session. Now you have to fix the base of the backrest to the legs of the chair, remaining perpendicular to the base. Fix the sixth stave of the seat behind the backrest. If you have secured everything properly, the pallet chair is ready for use. Of course, however, it is advisable to paint it with the colors you prefer. This chair is particularly suitable for outdoor use, so use paints resistant to weathering and atmospheric agents.

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