How to decorate a plastic chair with newspaper clippings

How to decorate a plastic chair with newspaper clippings

The chairs are a very important addition to every piece of furniture. However, at home they are always present and some are even put aside. These can be found of various materials, among the many plastic ones. These generally have a simple design without any decoration. But if you are tired of the usual plastic transparent chairs , there is a really cheap way to make them more showy and above all particular. Basically, through newspaper clippings , you can embellish your chairs making them truly unique and showy pieces of furniture. The following guide will explain how to decorate a chair of plastic scraps of newspaper.


  • Vinyl glue, transparent plastic chairs, newspaper clippings, cutter, scissors, brushes, transparent protective varnish.

A simple and economical way to make your plastic chair unique and is to decorate it according to your tastes. For this reason you can use the decoupage technique. The method, in fact, consists in renewing any object. Operating quickly and accurately, making the accessory you want to decorate really perfect. However, to start work, place the plastic chair in a fairly large space. Equip yourself also with all the small tools that can allow you to execute a precise decoration.

To start with, put your chair to decorate in front of you. Clean it properly with a degreaser and a cotton cloth to avoid sticking lint, dust etc .. Dry your chair very well and apply a primer that will allow the acrylic color and vinyl glue to stick without problems. Pass a layer of primer with a very large brush and spread it well across the surface of the chair. You can now color your transparent chair with white acrylic color or simply (if you do not want to color the chair) pass a transparent color that gives shine to the plastic.

Select your newspaper clippings and cut them all in the shape you prefer: triangular, oval, round, rectangular and so on. Dose the vinyl glue very well with water to avoid lumps and to make newspaper applications perfectly adherent to the plastic. Glue the cutouts passing the glue both under the paper and on top to create a homogeneous layer of glue over the entire chair. To help you use a flat brush and spread the glue evenly. Apply the cutouts on the bottom of the chair so that you do not have to touch the trousers when you sit down. Now apply transparent varnish to the entire chair where you have applied the decorations and you will get an original design piece.

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