How to decorate the chairs at Christmas

How to decorate the chairs at Christmas

Christmas is undoubtedly the most important religious event , as well as the most awaited party especially by the youngest. In the days before Christmas it is possible to notice a particular atmosphere both on the streets and at home: here, in fact, there is no lack of the traditional decorated tree , the crib and many other decorations that make the house more beautiful, festive and welcoming for this anniversary. Among the objects of the house that are usually decorated during this period there are certainly the chairs. Let’s see then, through the steps of the following guide , how to decorate the chairs at Christmas .

The possibility of making particular chairs depends above all on style. For such a rustic kind it is possible to adopt such accommodations. Usually the chairs are made of dark wood and have straw as a base. The ideal is to decorate them with mistletoe in a corner of the espalier. Then place white and red colored cushions on each of them. These latter can be found on the market or modified. Maybe if we already have them at home and are white, you can make a border on all sides with red ribbon.

For the dining room, the chairs can be covered either on the back or on the base. If the furniture is in a modern style, with full chairs both as backrests and bases. In this regard, linings can be made which are pressed against the backrests. Then, dress them up with white fabric or white wool. The base for sitting must be done in the same way. In this case c with red cushions surrounded by white wool. If the furniture in the house is in classic style, it is better to place colored cushions on them. Specially sewn for the occasion or purchased and finished with colorful Christmas-themed trimmings. Moreover, they can be personalized with embroideries on the back, perhaps indicating the names of the guests attending the Christmas lunch.

On the one hand, a twig of mistletoe is placed on the one hand, ideal for antique chairs. While, on the other side of the golden or silver Christmas decorations. In addition, the chairs can follow the lines of the table decorations. So on the occasion of the purchase of the tablecloth, it is better to buy a few more to cover the chairs too. So that floral ornaments, colors and designs are identical for both. In this simple, economic and above all original way our chairs will be decorated to perfection for Christmas.

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