How to renew the seat of the chairs

How to renew the seat of the chairs

Many times when we have to perform some small jobs in our home, we turn to expert technicians to make sure we get a perfect result, but in some cases we spend a lot of money. If we want to try to save something, we can perform these jobs with our hands and to do so will be enough a little ‘patience and follow the directions that we can easily find on one of the many guides on the internet . In the following steps, in particular, we will see how to manage to correctly renew the seat of the chairs , thus avoiding to buy new ones.


  • Fabric for the new coating
  • Battery grapple machine
  • Foam thick about 3/4 cm
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue

If we are intervening on upholstered chairs, the first operation to be performed consists in removing the old padding, intervening both on the upper part and on the lower part of the seat and taking care to completely eliminate any residual material and residual dust. By overturning the chair, it will be necessary to make sure that the springs and tapes that form the seat are still in good condition; otherwise it will be necessary to replace them.

Once the disassembly operation has been completed, to cover the chair it will be preferable to use, for the lower part of the seat, a particularly resistant fabric, to be fixed to the chair using a battery-powered grapple machine, easy and quick to use. To make the upper covering of the seat it will be possible to use a layer of foam rubber with a thickness between 3 and 4 cm. To obtain the necessary measures for our purpose, simply place the foam above the seat and trace the contours with a marker. Subsequently, we proceed to cut out the excess parts and cover the foam rubber cushion obtained with the previously chosen fabric.

Now lay the foam covered with fabric over the seat and anchor the edges through the battery grapple machine. The last operation will consist in hiding the grappets through a ribbon or a strip of fabric, to be fixed to the chair through some hot glue points, to be applied possibly with the appropriate gun. On some occasions, based mainly on the type of chair, you can limit yourself to placing the simple and soft cushions, the thickness and the desired imagination above the seat.

In this guide, we have seen all the methods that we can use to be able to correctly renew the seat of our chairs, which over time and with the wear due to use, tends to break. All we have to do is arm ourselves with a lot of patience and buy all the tools indicated in the previous steps, so that we can immediately try to perform this simple job with our hands.

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