Suggestion: How to recycle old chairs

Suggestion: How to recycle old chairs

If you have old chairs in the house that you intend to recycle, you can use them to create different original and at the same time refined furnishing components . These structures can be modified in various ways, using them in whole or in part and then furnishing different corners of the house . In reference to this, here is a guide with some ideas on how to recycle old chairs.


  • Old chairs
  • Wooden strips
  • tables
  • Various materials

If one or more chairs are presented with a very damaged back or with missing pieces, the first suggestion to recycle them consists in eliminating the aforementioned part with a clean cut using perhaps an alternative jigsaw. After this, with the abrasive paper, the two points on which the back rested were smoothed, after which the finishing aniline was applied. At this point the underlying part can be used as a stool to be placed in the bathroom, on the terrace or in the living room furnished with the same style.

Another suggestion on how to recycle old chairs, is to create a functional table or even a refined console. In this case there is the possibility of cutting the back of two chairs, and then use the seat for the support of a wooden table. Alternatively, if the chairs are completely intact, the above shelf can be fixed directly on the backrests, so as to obtain the decidedly higher table or console and with the two seats to be used as a vase or for storing books. This example of recycling is just one of many, but it is important to underline that with your imagination and creativity you will have the possibility to create new and original structures ideal for decorating various corners of the house.

Two old chairs, if properly restored and laid one next to the other, perhaps fixing them with wooden strips and glue, can be useful to create an original sofa to be placed on the terrace or in a garden. Specifically, after the assembly of the chairs, just add a single table that serves as a seat and then accompany the structure of soft cushions lined perhaps with the ideal oilcloth then to leave them to the elements. Alternatively, it is possible to glue about 15 cm thick on the sponge or polyurethane foam seat, and then cover it with a single colored cover or with floral prints of those available on the market for the classic sofas.

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