Tips: How to paint iron chairs

Tips: How to paint iron chairs

Some old wrought iron chairs can be renovated and made elegant, just like new chairs with a charming design, simply thanks to a colorful coat of paint . Painting old iron chairs to give them a new color and a new life can be a wonderful idea, economic and fun, to embellish a garden table , or to renovate a domestic environment. Painting the iron chairs, however, means performing a complex operation that requires a bit of careful manual skill, to ensure that the paint can last for a long time without suffering damage, cracks and chipping after the first use.. Here is a simple and effective guide to discover how to paint iron chairs in an impeccable way.


  • Damp cloth
  • Medium-grained sandpaper
  • Brush with a flat tip
  • Colored, liquid or spray paint
  • Transparent antirust

Before painting the old iron chairs for the garden, the terrace or an environment of the house, it is important, first of all, to prepare the iron in the right way, so as to carry out a painting resistant to atmospheric agents, humidity, constant use of chairs and time. To prepare the iron chairs to be painted, it is therefore necessary to carefully clean the iron surface with a damp cloth, and then wait until the iron of the chairs is completely dry. At this point, you have to pass medium-grain or fine sandpaper to make the iron of the chairs completely smooth and homogeneous, ready to receive the colored paint.

After carefully preparing the iron to be painted, you need to use the right brush to apply the colored paint on the chairs. If you need to paint iron chairs with a solid shape, it is good to use a flat-tipped brush, to apply the paint evenly, taking a small dose for each stroke. If instead the iron chairs to be painted are rather thin, with an articulated design difficult to treat with a brush, it is possible to use a spray paint, to be applied in several passes.

Finally, to paint the iron chairs in a strong and shiny way, it is very important not to forget a final coat of transparent anti-rust paint, with a glossy, opaque or pearly finish according to personal taste, especially if the iron chairs are destined for a external environment, subjected to weathering, such as a balcony or a garden. The anti-rust paint is the surface layer that will keep the colored paint on iron chairs safe, protecting it from impacts, weather, rain and humidity.

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